Graphic of Roots type


‘Still waters run deep.’


You are a root. Roots people are:

Imaginative – sensitive – tenacious – patient – practical – idealistic

Roots types are often artistic and profound thinkers, at their most content when their creative flair is given a free rein. Think about the far-reaching power of a root, how it tunnels through the earth in its search for water and how tenaciously it clings to provide support and succour. You share many of those amazing qualities.

Although you can be shy and find social situations difficult, the small circle of friends that you have very much appreciate and value your loyalty as no matter what, you are always there for them. You find it easy to empathise with others who experience difficulties and are noted for your quiet consideration of those around you.

Roots types may have an artistic or creative flair and enjoy having the patience to work for many hours to perfect a fabulous project and relish the rewards that come from ensuring even the smallest details have attention lavished upon them. You find tremendous fulfilment from working in the background so that great things can happen.

Although you enjoy the company of others you do not fear solitude and in fact often crave time alone so you can enter your world of imagination. You see beyond the superficial and prefer instead to seek answers which look to the true cause and connections of things. However, others can see you as a daydreamer and your tendency to retreat into thought, puzzling long and hard over the world, can render you isolated from other people.

You are prone to over-thinking about things, which can make you go round in circles, become resentful and also cause you great anxiety. When you become stressed these thoughts turn over repeatedly in your mind: as you fret over what happened in the day, how you should have reacted or what people really meant. You tend to be a creature of habit, more from an unwillingness to break a routine than a genuine fear of change, even if those habits are clearly not working for you.

Roots types may be prone to experiencing health issues like rheumatism or arthritis. Their endless over-analysis of not just issues around them but the greater troubles of the world often leads to brooding which, if not checked, can result in depression.

This relentless internal picking away at a problem is also at the heart of another concern for roots types, insomnia. Roots people may also tend towards problems of dryness, such as bowel problems like constipation, also dryness of the skin and a sluggish, uncomfortable feeling in general.

Roots types need to see the light in the world rather than the darkness that they can be prone to burying themselves in. Negativity spreads fast and you need to let positive thoughts and energy banish that gloom and depression from your life.

You may find great benefit from therapies like rolfing which helps to break down old physical habits, or the Alexander Technique, which will do wonders for a poor posture.

Aromatherapy can be a useful first aid to turn to when you feel isolated or moody. Allow yourself the comfort and soothing energy of a massage, human touch is incredibly healing; add that to the beneficial power of the oils and your darkness will soon be flooded with light. Try frankincense, it allows you to deepen your breathing and forces you to let go of negative thoughts and feelings. Ginger, cedarwood and vetiver are also warming and gently stimulating of feelings of vitality and good cheer.

The wisdom of the healing power of herbs can be used to bring sunshine to your life too, Damiana is both an aphrodisiac and antidepressant which will lift your spirits and improve your sex drive. Lemon balm is a gentle but wonderfully effective herb, which will lift your spirits, supporting your nervous system and also make it easier for you to see the positive rather than the negative.

To rebalance you need to let yourself indulge your creative side. Remember the joy you felt whenever you created something as a child? Give yourself the pleasure of re-discovering that joy if it’s a part of yourself that you have allowed to lie dormant. Painting, knitting, crafts of any kind – the happiness that you will find in making something beautiful from nothing will lift your heart and let your spirits fly.

Very often you drift into a state of existing purely within your mind; remind yourself that you are a physical being too. Dance! Move to music! Let your feet, your arms and your hips tell you that you have a body that has needs too.


  • Description excerpted from the booklet Understanding Vitality by Susan Curtis.