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Your right to health information under threat

A new algorithm on Google’s search engine has wiped out traffic at some of the top natural health websites all over the world.

11 July, 2019

Can we eat to save the world?

A new report says we need to change the way we eat – but just what is the ‘best’ diet for people and planet?

23 January, 2019

Glyphosate and the shocking disdain for public opinion

Why do corporations and the media think the public is too dumb to understand the issues?

16 August, 2018

Three pesticides down – many to go

The EU has just banned three toxic pesticides – now, what about the rest?

3 May, 2018

A new human organ…hidden in plain sight

Science dives into the watery network under our skin.

4 April, 2018

The people versus glyphosate

A David vs Goliath battle in the US courts as thousands allege cancer link.

8 March, 2018

2018 and the science of the small

The little things that have big effects on our health

26 January, 2018

Our website is changing

A change of name, but the same passion for natural health

5 December, 2017

Cancer – the hope and the hopelessness

When the drugs don’t work – what should we do?

20 October, 2017

Change our farming, change the world

How organic farming can save us from climate change

14 September, 2017