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The mind-altering effects of stress

How poverty and disadvantage raise the risk of dementia

What happens to your body when you’re stressed

These are stressful times and stress can cause physiological and emotional havoc in your body. Many of the ‘coping strategies’ we use only make it worse so learn to manage your stress, before it manages you.

Veggies every day keep stress at bay

Eating just three to four servings of vegetables daily is associated with a lower incidence of psychological stress, especially in women.

Prebiotics could help you cope with stress

If you are under stress, getting more prebiotics in your daily diet could result in a happier tummy and more restful sleep.

Try probiotics to help relieve stress

A new analysis shows that in regularly consuming probiotics can lessen symptoms of perceived stress, depression and anxiety.

Lasting stress relief? Supplements may help

In a recent study, a blend of magnesium, probiotics, vitamins and minerals was found to relieve stress and fatigue levels – a benefit maintained even after supplementation stopped.

Probiotic fermented milk helps alleviate exam stress

A new study has shown that a daily probiotic drink given to medical students in the run up to exams helped to reduce stress-induced stomach upsets.

Rhodiola reduces mild anxiety and stress in students

Daily supplementation with Rhodiola rosea extract may help us cope with stress as well as improve other symptoms associated with mild anxiety, according to a new study from the UK.

Feast then famine – how fasting might make our cells more resilient to stress

Fasting is something that human beings have practiced throughout history, Now research shows that alternate day fasting stresses cells – which may actually make them stronger.

Painful insecurity – economics and physical distress

Most of us feel stressed about money at some point in our lives and according to new research, this stress may be causing us physical pain.

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