Graphic of Flowers type


‘Too much is not enough.’


You are a flower. Flowers people are:

Joyful – sociable – liberal – flexible – optimistic – outgoing – fun-loving – passionate – friendly

Flowers types are very expressive and feel at their brightest and best when relating to other people. You love to be sociable and tend to have a wide circle of friends from the many interests that you dip into.

You’re a social butterfly and find great pleasure in talking to absolutely anyone about absolutely anything. People love that you’re so easy to talk to and no matter how shy someone is you’ll always be able to bring them out of their shell and make sure they don’t feel left out of the fun.

You’re happiest in large groups and will cheerfully bend your wishes to match those of the people around you. You are often quite naturally at the centre of attention and that’s a position that you relish. Your attitude to life is eternally optimistic; you generally believe that the glass isn’t just half full, it’s about to get filled up again very soon!

This joie de vivre and enthusiasm for the world around you is why people love to be near you and no party is complete without you being there. However, you do have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends.

Those who don’t know you may see you as vain, superficial and self-obsessed and indeed, under stress you can veer towards those qualities. When all is smooth sailing with your world, your socialite self works well and delights not just you, but those around you, however, when things get tough you swing sharply between extremes of emotion; deliriously happy one minute and painfully miserable the next.

The main health challenge for flowers types is quite simply exhaustion, which can lead to burnout. They can become incredibly jaded by their excessive lifestyles. A lack of iron, B6 and B12 resulting in anaemia can often be an issue for flowers types too. This can very simply be addressed with dietary changes or supplements. Prone to over indulgences of all kinds, they need to be aware that they may have tendencies towards addictive behaviour.

What may often start out as fun can become a serious issue as you can lean towards abusing alcohol and drugs. Binge sessions are not uncommon as you just want the fun to keep on going, although part of you knows it’s time to stop and go home a greater part of you often won’t listen and wants to carry on regardless.

At these times of stress you become greedy with everything: food, lovers, shopping; if you can consume it you will. Your self-indulgent streak can spiral out of control and despite endlessly consuming you never seem satisfied. Drained of all energy but not able to jump off the merry-go-round that they have created, flowers types are like toddlers; they race around, unwilling to admit that they are tired, becoming increasingly tearful before collapsing in exhaustion. To rebalance their often chaotic lives, flowers types need to take a breath and allow themselves a chance to be nurtured.

You will find most benefit from exploring gentle nurturing therapies like massage and aromatherapy, you need to feel indulged and satisfied which is something that a good aromatherapy massage will help bring to your life along with a sense of balance and renewed sense of joy in life.

Your signature essential oil is rose, which along with geranium will bring feelings of balance to your life and a sense of luxury and indulgence. Rosemary will boost your energy levels; it’s a cleansing oil which will also bring focus when your mind is fogged. Try inhaling a few drops or using it in a scent burner. Jasmine and mandarin oils will also lift your spirits.

The herbs which are most likely to help you are those which bring nourishing qualities and have a tonic element. Choose nettle, alfalfa, liquorice or rosebuds and drink regularly either as a tea or tincture, you’ll find that a cup of herbal tea does so much more for your levels of energy and feelings of wellbeing than a glass of wine.

For flowers types, they will always feel at their most content and fulfilled when they are able to communicate and interact with other people. Working in isolation only makes them want to catch up on all that talking, laughing and fun that they think they missed in the daytime so they tend to go rather crazy in the evenings, living their lives in a social whirl.

To make a flowers type bloom they need to work with people who can appreciate their joyful nature and the sense of delight and happiness that they love to bring with them wherever they go.


  • Description excerpted from the booklet Understanding Vitality by Susan Curtis.