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Breast cancer – vitamin D is protective

Levels of vitamin D supplementation, substantially higher than current recommendations, may protect against post-menopausal breast cancer.

22 June, 2018

Gum disease link to rheumatoid arthritis

Brush, floss, get regular check-ups – it could help lower your risk of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, according to new data.

21 June, 2018

Lentils significantly reduce blood glucose levels

A new study from Canada shows that replacing potatoes or rice with pulses can lower your blood glucose levels by more than 20% – significant news for those with – or trying to avoid – type 2 diabetes

20 June, 2018

Walnut health benefits begin in the gut

Scientists show that the way walnuts impact the trillions of bacteria in the gut microbiome may be behind some of their well known health benefits.

5 June, 2018

Adequate protein ensures bone health as we age

A new international expert consensus suggests that older people may need more protein – above the current RDA – to protect their bones.

5 June, 2018

Does hardening of the arteries begin in the gut?

New research links a low diversity of the ‘good bacteria’ in our guts to a significantly raised risk for hardening of the arteries.

31 May, 2018

How to get back on the ‘road not taken’

Our most enduring regrets – and the thing that most often holds us back – stem from a perceived failure to live up to our ideal selves, according to new research. Let it go!

30 May, 2018

That weekend lie-in could save your life

Sleep really is like money in the bank, according to a new study; if you take out more than you put in there will be serious consequences.

23 May, 2018

Probiotics can help reduce cold symptoms

New research shows that a daily probiotic drink stimulates the immune system and could help keep the worst of your cold and flu symptoms at bay.

22 May, 2018

Stay in sync with your body clock for better mental health

Keeping to a normal daily rhythm – being active during the day and sleeping at night – can have benefits for mental as well as physical health and well-being.

16 May, 2018