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December 2017

Daily hot tea lowers glaucoma risk

Drinking a daily cup of hot tea is linked to a significantly lower risk of developing the serious eye condition, glaucoma.

19 December, 2017

Try amber-tinted glasses to relieve insomnia

If all you want for Christmas is a good night’s sleep, try putting a pair of special blue light blocking glasses on your wish list.

19 December, 2017

Chamomile extract aids sleep quality

A small study has found that daily chamomile extract can significantly – and safely – improve sleep quality among elderly people.

15 December, 2017

Diet can reduce adverse effects of breast cancer treatment

The quality of a woman’s diet, and especially her intake of cruciferous vegetables and phytoestrogen containing foods like soya, can lessen the adverse effects of treatment.

15 December, 2017

Exercise benefits gut health independent of diet

Two new studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise can improve gut health, and therefore overall health, whether or not you change your diet.

12 December, 2017

Healthy diet can help reduce disability, symptoms of MS

A large study has shown that for people with multiple sclerosis eating a healthier diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is linked to fewer disabling physical and mental symptoms.

8 December, 2017

Trouble getting pregnant? Try switching to organic

Women who consume fruits and vegetables with high levels of pesticide residues may have more trouble getting pregnant, according to a new study.

6 December, 2017

New name, same passion for our website

Our web magazine is under new ownership and will have a new name – Natural Health News. But while the name may change the quality of the information will remain.

5 December, 2017

Breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day

Ensuring you get enough nutrition – and an adequate number of calories – at breakfast can promote long term health.

4 December, 2017