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March 2012

Photo of wild thyme

Thyme tincture out-performs conventional acne creams

UK scientists say herbal preparations of thyme could be more effective at treating skin acne than prescription creams

30 March, 2012
Example of nutritional facts label

‘Nutrition facts’ labels not enough to encourge healthy eating

We know it’s bad, but we still eat it. Putting nutritional information on food, say scientists, does not lead to healthy eating

30 March, 2012
Photo of bacteria

Whenever you’re in the room, bacteria levels rise

Just moving around on carpeted floors can send 37 million bacteria into the air every hour, say Yale scientists

29 March, 2012
Photo of a jar of popcorn

Popcorn – more concentrated antioxidants than fruit and veg

We’re loving this one! Popcorn can be a healthy snack say US scientists, just make sure it’s air popped – and non GMO

29 March, 2012
Photo of a woman applying eye make-up

US Congress to review toxic cosmetic ingredients

Recent health scandals have forced the US Congress is to review cosmetic safety for the first time in decades

27 March, 2012
Photo of a woman lying in the sun

Chemicals in sunscreens linked to endometriosis

Hormone-disrupting chemical sunscreening agents called benzophenones may raise your risk of developing endometriosis

27 March, 2012
Close up photo of seaweed

Bread made with seaweed may help reduce appetite

Substituting seaweed for salt in bread adds nutrients and, importantly, fibre that may help with weight control

22 March, 2012
Photo of a woman feeling bad

Why we feel worse when our bodies are trying to get better

To fight invading pathogens, say scientists, the immune system takes a gamble that can sometimes leave us feeling worse before we feel better

22 March, 2012
Photo of cows in the mist

Healthy animal fat improves IBS symptoms

A new study shows that CLA – a healthy fat found in grass-fed animals – can help reduce symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases

20 March, 2012
Photo of Bt corn in a test tube

Scientists to EPA: “Ban GM Crops”

Two dozen top scientists have written to the Environmental Protection Agency to demand urgent action on genetically engineered crops

16 March, 2012