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March 2015

Rhodiola rosea – nature’s antidepressant

Rhodiola rosea herbal extract can work just as well as conventional antidepressants, but with fewer side effects, say US scientists

30 March, 2015
photo of salmonella bacterium

More bad news for glyphosate – now it increases antibiotic resistance

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, used widely on GM crops, can make E. coli and Salmonella bacteria more resistant to antibiotic treatment

30 March, 2015

Water fluoridation linked to hypothyroidism

British researchers have found that fluoridating community water supplies results in a much higher risk of avoidable hypothyroidism

25 March, 2015
Photo of a women sneezing

Climate change gases make allergens more potent

If you think your seasonal allergies are getting worse, you could be right – and air pollution could be to blame

25 March, 2015
Photo of a homoeopathic remedy

Homoeopathy beats antidepressants for menopausal symptoms

For women suffering menopausal symptoms such as depression and hot flashes, a visit to the homoeopath may be an effective course of action

24 March, 2015
Photo of a container of Roundup

GMO herbicide glyphosate is a ‘probable human carcinogen’

An international panel of experts has declared glyphosate – the active ingredient of Roundup herbicide, used widely on GMOs – to be a human carcinogen

23 March, 2015
Man working at night

Is too much artificial light at night making us sick?

Artificial light at night disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm linking it to breast cancer, obesity, diabetes, and depression.

19 March, 2015
Vitamin E rich foods

High cholesterol limits vitamin E absorption

A new study shows that for many people less than one third the amount of vitamin E they take in is actually making it to the tissues where it’s most needed

17 March, 2015
Close up photo of oyster mushrooms

Mushrooms aid blood sugar control

Eating more mushrooms could help reduce blood sugar levels after a meal, benefitting both healthy people and those with diabetes, a recent study has found.

16 March, 2015
Photo of a bag of alkaline foods

Alkalise your diet to protect your kidneys

Eating a diet high in alkaline foods can take pressure off your kidneys and slow the progress of kidney disease, say researchers

10 March, 2015