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May 2014

Photo of a pregnant belly with woman holding a red heart over it

Higher cholesterol linked to lower fertility

High cholesterol isn’t just bad for your heart, if both partners have high levels it could make it harder for you to get pregnant as well

29 May, 2014
Photo of feet walking on a path

Every step you take – why walking is the best exercise

It doesn’t require much in the way of special equipment, clothes or planning – just get out and walk to keep your heart healthy

28 May, 2014
photo of glucosamine tablets

High Court victory for glucosamine users

A new court ruling in the UK means that supplement users can continue to have unrestricted access to glucosamine supplements

27 May, 2014
Photo of watermelon slices

Watermelon extract lowers blood pressure

A new study shows that watermelon contains substances that could help reduce blood pressure in people under stress

26 May, 2014
photo of generic antibiotics

Antibiotics and childhood asthma – is it chicken or egg?

Children treated with antibiotics in the first year of life were more than twice as likely as untreated children to experience severe wheeze or asthma

26 May, 2014
Photo of black stones against a green background

Your brain on meditation

Brain imaging shows that non-directive meditation gives the mind time to wander and to process feelings and thoughts more effectively

22 May, 2014
photo of children on mobile phones

Allergic to your mobile phone?

A new review shows mobile phones and related devices are sources of metal sensitisation and potential causes of allergic contact dermatitis in adults and children

21 May, 2014
Photo of vitamin tablets

B5 supplement could help lower cholesterol

New evidence has shown that taking pantethine, a form of vitamin B5, can lower LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol by 11%

21 May, 2014
Photo of stones with words written on them

Want to forgive? Learn to forget

Research has shown that a willingness to forgive is an important coping strategy that can help us forget unhappy experiences

20 May, 2014
Photo of red and green grapes

Eat more grapes to alleviate painful knee osteoarthritis

New evidence suggests the antioxidant polyphenols in grapes can help relive pain and inflammation for those suffering from knee osteoarthritis

19 May, 2014