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Want to be smarter? Put your phone away

New research has shown that just having a mobile phone in the same room as you is an unconscious distraction that can interfere with your ability to think and retain data.

27 June, 2017

Global sustainability is dependent on a happy citizens

Sustainability isn’t just about environment. Countries with the happiest citizens are also more sustainable and resilient in times of economic and social crisis.

27 April, 2015
photo of the world in a shopping trolley

The three Cs: what motivates consumers to spend on ethical products

Contempt, concern and celebration – a meeting of heart and mind is what motivates ethical consumers

17 September, 2014
Photo of pills spilling out of a roll of dollar bills

GPs – your friendly neighbourhood drug pushers

With GPs pushing drugs onto people instead of caring for them properly it’s little wonder patients are so dissatisfied – and sick

18 September, 2012

New infographic bursts the bubble for natural health detractors

Figures show that food supplements and herbal remedies are by far the safest substances consumed by UK and European citizens

12 July, 2012
Photo of a green crystal ball

Are you an ’emotional oracle’? How feelings predict the future

You don’t need a crystal ball to know what the future holds, say scientists; just learn to trust your feelings

12 April, 2012
Photo from the World Happiness Report

Happiness is… ‘gross national happiness’ trumps GNP

Research shows it’s not how wealthy a person – or a country – is, but whether wealth is used positively to enhance wellbeing that matters

10 April, 2012