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Massage therapy calms anxiety disorder

New evidence shows that massage therapy provides significant improvement in symptoms for those suffering from generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

12 August, 2016
Photo of ginger

Swedish massage with ginger oil reduces low back pain

Potent anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger can help to make massage more effective at relieving pain

3 July, 2014
Photo of hand shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage aids sleep, reduces pain

Shiatsu massage may help those suffering from chronic pain to prepare for sleep and stay asleep for longer

30 June, 2014
Photo of a women massaging her own neck

How much massage to ease a pain in the neck?

When you have neck pain, more and longer sessions of massage are more likely to bring relief than if you have just a few short sessions

20 March, 2014
Photo of a foot massage

Foot massage can calm anxiety in dementia patients

A 10-minute foot massage can help reduce agitation and enhance mood in older people living with dementia.

6 December, 2013
Photo of a massage session

Just 10-minutes of massage reduces muscle inflammation

A new study shows, that a brief massage can relieve muscle pain in the same way as pain medications – but without any harmful side effects.

3 February, 2012