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Stay positive, live longer

Optimism – the ability to see the glass half full rather than half empty – could be the key to a longer life for both men and women.

Vitamin D status linked to Parkinson’s symptoms

New evidence suggests that low vitamin D status plays an important role in the development of Parkinson’s Disease and a corresponding increase in the frequency of falls and insomnia.

Edible flowers could help boost vitamin E intake

Edible flowers are a surprising source of healthy fatty-acids, carotenoids and more, according to new research.


Anxiety and depression: why doctors are prescribing gardening rather than drugs

Blooming marvelous! How regular gardening can contribute to better overall emotional health and wellbeing.


Forget toast and oatmeal, low-carb breakfasts reduce sugar spikes in those with type 2 diabetes

New research shows that eating a low-carbohydrate breakfast both reduces sugar spikes in the morning and reduces cravings for sweet foods in the evening, in people with type-2 diabetes.


Your right to health information under threat

A new algorithm on Google’s search engine has wiped out traffic at some of the top natural health websites all over the world.


Genetically engineered farm animals: Regulators rush to keep consumers in the dark

In the rush to get GMO animals on the menu, regulators are failing to consider consumer preferences as well as the potential risks to the animals and those who consume their meat, milk and eggs.