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Pine bark extract helps you travel happy

Evidence shows that extract of French maritime pine bark (Pycnogenol) lowers the risk of deep vein thrombosis and eases symptoms of jet lag in travellers.

Lutein gives a boost to IQ and creative thinking

Lutein is recognised as a vision-boosting vitamin – but a new study suggests what’s good for the eyes may also be good for your brain power.

Too much sitting is bad for the brain

New evidence shows sitting for long periods can be bad for the mind as well as the body, linking it with memory problems in middle-aged and older adults.


How creativity on prescription can improve mental and physical health

Whether it is painting, dancing, singing or creative writing the evidence shows that arts on prescription are changing the way we treat many health problems.


A new human organ…hidden in plain sight

Science dives into the watery network under our skin.


Artificial sweeteners may make you fat

High consumption of artificial sweeteners increases the chance of us accumulating fat in our bodies by changing the cells that make up our fat stores.

Health Tips:

Are the health benefits of cobalt ‘underappreciated’?

Getting more cobalt-containing foods in your diet could reap antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rewards for your health.