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Heart benefits with full-fat dairy

The type of saturated fat found in full-fat dairy products doesn’t hurt – and say researchers may even help – heart and circulatory health.

An orange a day keeps macular degeneration at bay

Macular degeneration can’t be cured, but new research shows that a diet rich in antioxidant flavonoids may have a significant role in helping to prevent it.

Greening vacant lots reduces depression in city dwellers

Giving vacant lots in urban environments a green makeover with grass and trees can help reduce feelings of depression in city dwellers.


Is there such a thing as ‘better’ water?

Not all glasses of water are created equal – so just what do you need to consider to choose the ‘best’ water?


Children should spend more time barefoot to encourage a healthier foot structure

Spending more time barefoot, and/or wearing shoes that mimic barefeet can lead to better foot health and fewer aches, pains and injuries.

Health Tips:

To reduce stress and anxiety, write your happy thoughts down

Looking for an effective way to tackle anxiety and stress? Dust off your journal, get out pen and start writing down your positive thoughts and memories.


Loneliness is contagious – and here’s how to beat it

Loneliness, which affects around one in three adults, can damage your brain, immune system, and can lead to depression and suicide.