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Healthy teeth and gums linked to lower liver cancer risk

More benefits of healthy teeth and gums are revealed as a new European study confirms that poor oral health is associated with a 75% increased risk liver cancer.

How wholegrain rye bread cuts type-2 diabetes risk

The consumption of wholegrain rye could significantly lower serotonin concentrations in the gut, helping to lower glucose levels and, therefore, the risk of type-2 diabetes.

Humans evolved to benefit from fermented foods

German scientists have uncovered an evolutionary basis for our affinity with fermented foods, and with it a greater understanding of how lactic acid bacteria interact with our bodies.


Your right to health information under threat

A new algorithm on Google’s search engine has wiped out traffic at some of the top natural health websites all over the world.


Genetically engineered farm animals: Regulators rush to keep consumers in the dark

In the rush to get GMO animals on the menu, regulators are failing to consider consumer preferences as well as the potential risks to the animals and those who consume their meat, milk and eggs.


Organic farming works with nature to reduce foodborne illness

The greater abundance and diversity of insects and soil microbes on organic farms can help reduce the level of foodborne pathogens in the soil and on fresh produce.


Long hours at the office could be killing you – the case for a shorter working week

Research shows people can be happier, healthier and more productive if they are able to balance their work and personal lives in more satisfying ways.