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Six common misconceptions about meditation

The real power of meditation is still unexplored and unharnessed, but one thing we know is: there’s far more to meditation that sitting peacefully with crossed legs.

Why nutritional psychiatry is the future of mental health treatment

Research shows that putting an emphasis on healthy diet, targeted supplements and probiotics provides a hopeful way forward in treating mental health issues.


Winter roots and beans soup

This flavoursome and warming homemade soup is made with seasonal vegetables and pulses and is packed with nutrients and plenty of fibre.

Turmeric latte

More than just a ‘hipster’ drink, ‘golden milk’ provides curcumin – a powerful antioxidant, comparable to vitamins C and E. Here’s a delicious way to get more.

Health Tips

Can coffee improve your workout?

Coffee and caffeine aren’t the same thing and whether coffee makes you run faster and lift heavier could come down to having the right genes.

Better food quality, not calorie counting, aids weight loss

Whether you go low-carb or low fat, the key to weight loss is getting plenty of good quality fresh fruits and vegetables and whole foods in your daily diet.

Q and A

Q&A: What are the best essential oils for coughs?

Essential oils are a simple and affordable treatment to help soothe the throat, break up mucous and reduce inflammation.

Q&A: Which essential oils work best for bug bites

Essential oils have soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-infection properties that can ease the swelling and itching of bug bites and stings.


Moringa – a little herb with big potential

The leaves of the moringa tree are a source of important antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that could help address many modern illnesses, according to a recent review.

Herbal relief: Pregnancy and birth

Several herbs can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms that are common to pregnancy and birth. Here’s what you can – and can’t – use.

Life Lessons

Change your life: Busy vs. Productive

There’s a very clear distinction between being ‘busy’ and being ‘productive’ – can you spot it in your own life?

Change your life: Emotional bank account

A thought for ‘Blue Monday’: Depression is just one of many things that can result from a denial of the interdependent nature of our relationships.