Pollution’s damaging effects on mental health

New evidence from the US suggests that air pollution – especially fine particulate matter – may be taking a toll on our mental as well as our physical health.

Pollution is the biggest threat to our health

A new report shows that pollution in our air, water, soil and at work is responsible for 16% of all deaths worldwide – and it’s totally unnecessary and preventable.


Spotlight on UK food contamination

We think of it as a healthy meat but recent government surveys show rising levels of pesticide contamination as well as record levels of campylobacter in British chicken.

How organic farming can help beat climate change

A major new study shows how organic agricultural practices build healthy soils and can be part of the solution in the fight on global warming.


FDA ordered to come clean about GMO salmon

The US FDA has been ordered to release previously withheld information related to its controversial decision to approve genetically engineered salmon for human consumption.

Phot of GM Corn

Revealed: GMO food should never have come to market

A new book by a US public interest attorney tells the story of corruption and deceit which brought GMOs to market in America – and as a result the world


IARC answers key questions on cancer-causing glyphosate

In a recent Q&A statement the IARC – a World Health Organization agency – answered key questions about the toxicity of glyphosate which make it clear the herbicide should be banned

Zika – what’s the real story?

One little word, so much confusion. But new evidence suggests that it’s man-made insecticides, not the zika virus, that is causing an infant health crisis in Brazil.


Uncovered: an unexpected source of superbugs

Disturbing new evidence shows that waste from pharmaceutical drug manufacture in developing countries is adding to the global problem of multi-drug resistant bacteria.

Scientists speak out: Exposure to toxic chemicals threatens human reproduction and health

An international consortium of scientists and doctors say it’s time for health professionals across the globe to step up and advocate for a cleaner, healthier environment.