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February 2016

How to deal with stress? Let it go!

New evidence shoes how you perceive and react to stressful events is more important to your health than how frequently you encounter stress.

29 February, 2016

Keep moving…It’s the key to a longer life

For older adults moving more – even 10 minutes of light activity daily – can improve the chances of living longer.

29 February, 2016

Natural Canadian clay kills resistant bacteria

A unique glacial clay from British Columbia has been shown to kill the antibiotic resistant bacteria that can cause devastating skin infections.

26 February, 2016

What and when you eat can influence your body clock

Food not only nourishes the body but also affects its internal biological clock, which regulates the daily rhythm of many aspects of human biology.

26 February, 2016

Cacao gives skin a collagen boost

New evidence from Korean researchers suggests that cacao may have properties that boost collagen production and help UV-exposed skin stay healthy.

24 February, 2016

Could omega-3s keep teen minds sharp?

Teens with the lowest omega-3 status performed worse on tests for memory and information processing; could supplements provide an easy and inexpensive solution?

22 February, 2016

Survey maps homeopathy use in the US

A new survey finds that homeopathy use in the US is confirmed to a relatively small section of the population – compared to other developed nations – but those who do use it perceive it as helpful.

22 February, 2016

Acupuncture brings relief from fibromyalgia

Tailored acupuncture can relive pain and improve quality of life for fibromyalgia sufferers according to a new study.

18 February, 2016

St John’s wort tablets recalled in the UK

A handful of St John’s wort products have been recalled due to high levels of a naturally occurring, but toxic, substance. Here’s what you should know.

18 February, 2016

Lavender aromatherapy helps college students sleep

A combination of lavender essential oil and good sleep habits could help improve sleep quality by resetting the sleep-cycle, say researchers.

17 February, 2016