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February 2012

Photo of a baby

Multivitamin use before conception reduces the risk of preterm birth

A large study from Denmark has shown that women who regularly take multivitamins before pregnancy have healthier babies

29 February, 2012
Photo of salmon jumping

Mercury in ‘healthy’ fish damages immune response in children

US scientists report on the first ever link between mercury in fish and impaired immunity in children

28 February, 2012
Photo of pine bark

Pine bark extract slows skin ageing and improves hydration

New evidence suggests that a natural supplement made from pine bark improves skin hydration and elasticity

28 February, 2012
Photo of an older woman

Women prefer the natural approach to menopause

A new study shows most women seek natural methods such as a healthy diet, herbs and supplements to help cope with menopausal symptoms

23 February, 2012
Image of telomeres

Stress and depression can make us age faster

Stress and depression don’t just make us feel older – they accelerate the ageing process at a cellular level, say scientists

23 February, 2012

Tai Chi brings balance
to Parkinson’s sufferers

A new study says Tai Chi is superior to both stretching and resistance exercises in maintaining Parkinson’s sufferers sense of balance

21 February, 2012
Photo of a bottleof homeopathic pills

Swiss government report gives thumbs up to homoeopathy

The Swiss government’s in-depth report concluding that homoeopathy is an active and effective treatment is now available in English

17 February, 2012
Photo of a woman sneezing into a hankie

Antibiotics no better than placebo for sinusitis

If you’ve got sinusitis chances are that your doctor will automatically give you antibiotics – but say researchers it won’t help you get better

16 February, 2012
Photo of a gravestone

End of life care – how ‘caring’ is it really?

What’s the best way to care for someone at the end of their life? Some interesting recent studies and commentaries have raised the level of the debate

15 February, 2012
Photo of a man hiding his face

Half of Australian men with cancer choose CAM therapies

A high uptake of complementary medicine suggests patients are looking for a more holistic approach to care

15 February, 2012