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December 2016

Try probiotics to help relieve stress

A new analysis shows that in regularly consuming probiotics can lessen symptoms of perceived stress, depression and anxiety.

22 December, 2016

Regular saunas lower men’s dementia risk

Frequent sauna bathing may reduce the risk of dementia by as much as 66%, suggests a recent 20-year study out of Finland.

20 December, 2016

Study finds toxins lurking in ‘safe’ GMO foods

They may look the same but, according to a new study, GMO corn and non-GMO corn are definitely not the same – and the GMO version could be very bad for our health.

20 December, 2016

Daily cinnamon protects working memory

Daily cinnamon consumption could help maintain working memory – necessary for planning, problem solving and reasoning – even in those with health challenges like diabetes.

14 December, 2016

Try daily yoga to keep blood pressure down

A new study suggests one hour of yoga a day reduces blood pressure and may stop prehypertension developing into full blown high blood pressure.

14 December, 2016

Study shows herbal extracts can mimic insulin’s effects

Compounds extracted from the herbs purslane and tindora appear to reduce blood sugar levels, according to a study that shows they act in an insulin-like manner.

12 December, 2016

Add pulses to help take away the pounds

Meals based on legumes such as beans and peas are more satiating than meat-based meals, according to a recent study.

12 December, 2016

Saturated fats can actually protect the heart

If you want to protect your heart you don’t have to avoid saturated fats – but you do need to avoid highly processed fats and carbohydrates.

8 December, 2016

Add vitamin D to treat dermatitis, eczema

For eczema sufferers, vitamin D supplements may offer an effective alternative treatment to steroid creams, long-term use of which can lead to skin thinning.

8 December, 2016

For better nutrition, focus on food synergies

Paying attention to ‘food synergy’ – how foods work together to boost nutrition – could hold the key to fighting malnutrition globally.

6 December, 2016