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August 2014

Photo of a wonam eating a carrot

Fruit & veg gives skin a sun-kissed glow

Forget sun beds, sunbathing and fake tanning lotions, say UK researchers; the secret to a sexy, healthy glow lies in eating your five-a-day

31 August, 2014
Photo of Japanese knotweed

Resveratrol supplement boosts brain power

The powerful antioxidant compound found in red grape skins, has been found to improve short-term memory, say scientists

21 August, 2014
Photo of a woman holding her stomach

Why pain treatments are less effective for irritable bowel

Immune system defects in people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome could be a major reason why sufferers have ongoing and hard-to-treat pain

21 August, 2014
Photo of the dream totem used in the film Inception

Lucid dreamers show greater insight in waking life

People who are aware they are asleep when they are dreaming have better than average problem-solving abilities in the waking world

18 August, 2014
Sunny office

Natural light in the office improves health

Office workers with more natural light exposure at work sleep better, are more physically active and enjoy a better overall quality of life

12 August, 2014
Photo of a lady in a sunhat

Dementia risk & vitamin D deficiency link confirmed

Older adults with the lowest vitamin D levels also have the highest risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s, say international experts

11 August, 2014
photo of wild wrack

Seaweed’s a natural for boosting iodine levels

Wild wrack is a natural source of iodine that can be taken as a supplement or incorporated into the diet as a green food

8 August, 2014
photo of healthy dairy products

Some saturated fats could protect against diabetes

Not all saturated fats are created equal. A new study shows that some – particularly those found in dairy products – could protect against type-2 diabetes

7 August, 2014
Photo of lozenges

Probiotic lozenge helps fight gingivitis

The good bacteria ion a probiotic lozenges could become an effective way of treating gum disease and balancing the flora of the mouth

7 August, 2014
Photo of beef catle behind a fence

Eating less meat could help conserve water

The world is running out of water but, say researchers, cutting back on meat may be one way to help conserve more for future generations

5 August, 2014