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July 2017

Chemicals in hair dyes, straighteners raise breast cancer risk

More evidence of a link between use of certain hair products, such as dyes and relaxers, and a raised risk of breast cancer in women has been uncovered by US researchers.

31 July, 2017

Lutein – it’s not just for your eyes

New evidence shows that lutein – a nutrient most commonly associated with eye health – has anti-inflammatory effects in the heart that can help protect against heart attack and angina.

28 July, 2017

Fermented red clover eases menopausal symptoms

Researchers say that fermenting the herbal remedy first increases its bioavailability and its effectiveness at relieving hot flushes. It may also have a role to play in preserving bones.

24 July, 2017

Get kids outdoors to prevent nearsightedness

Daily exposure to outdoor light is beneficial for children in multiple ways; now new research shows it can help promote healthy eye development and reduce the risk of myopia.

24 July, 2017

What’s behind the house dust link to obesity?

A pioneering study from the US has shown that hormone-disrupting chemicals commonly found in house dust can trigger fat cells to accumulate more fat.

17 July, 2017

New cure for insomnia – feeling useful

The deep connection between mind and body is highlighted in a study showing that a greater sense of purpose in life can cut sleeplessness due to sleep apnea and restless legs by more than half.

17 July, 2017

Household chemicals linked to chronic disease in men

Men regularly exposed to chemicals found in everyday plastics materials are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

14 July, 2017

Need calcium? Drink water!

Water is an effective natural source of easily absorbed calcium, and has the benefit of being calorie free – but beware claims that bottled water is ‘better’ for you.

13 July, 2017

Get your carotenoids from food to help prevent lung cancer

New data suggests that consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids and vitamin C to reduce lung cancer incidence among both smokers and non-smokers

11 July, 2017

Dry eyes? Bilberry extract could help

If you suffer from dry eyes a natural supplement of bilberry extract could provide relief. Just make sure it’s made from the whole fruit.

10 July, 2017