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February 2013

Higher fat Mediterranean diet cuts risk of heart attack and stroke

A diet high in vegetable fat from olive oil and nuts can dramatically reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease

28 February, 2013
Photo of acupuncture needles in a woman's shoulder

Intense acupuncture stimulation speeds recovery in Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy – a form of facial paralysis – is an unpredictable condition, and hard to treat; but say Chinese researchers acupuncture can help

28 February, 2013

Be nice to yourself – stop calling yourself fat and old!

Survey shows that women who say mean things about themselves risk physical and mental health problems

26 February, 2013
Photo of an orange and vitamin C supplements

Take vitamin C to reduce cold symptoms and duration

Vitamin C has a role to play in reducing the misery of the common cold for both adults and children, say scientists

25 February, 2013
Photo of a stack of donuts

Sugary foods and milk CAN make acne worse

Scientists call for more and better dietary approaches to acne as analysis confirms the junk food link

22 February, 2013
Photo of cleaning products in a kitchen

UN report: human health threat from environmental chemicals

A damning new analysis has concluded that toxic chemicals found in a range of everyday products are a global threat to health

20 February, 2013
Photo of a tired woman in the gym

Daily workouts may not yield the expected health results

Yes, you can exercise too much! Researchers find little fitness benefit beyond four exercise sessions a week

18 February, 2013

Olive oil protects the heart and the gut

Two recent studies have given us insight into the protective effect of olive oil, especially its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory potential

15 February, 2013

Green tea helps protect skin from sun damage

Just two cups of green tea a day could help prevent sun damage to skin – now if only we had some sun!

14 February, 2013
Close up photo of Wedelia chinensis

Natural products can be as potent as man-made drugs

Researchers in Singapore have shown that combinations of natural remedies can be as effective as synthetic anticancer and antibacterial drugs

12 February, 2013