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January 2014

Photo of Pelargonium sidoides

Study shows geranium extract inhibits HIV-1

An extract from a species of Geranium, widely used to treat colds, has been shown to disable the HIV virus as well

31 January, 2014
Photo of an old cannister of DDT

DDT exposure linked to Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists say they have established, for the first time, a link between the pesticide DDT and the development of Alzheimer’s later in life

30 January, 2014
Photo of ripe lingonberries

A berry good way to lose weight?

Lingonberries, a popular berry in the Nordic diet, could help control weight as well as lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol

29 January, 2014

Colder weather could be a dieter’s best friend

Turning down the heat just a bit when indoors could help you manage your weight better

27 January, 2014
Photo of a child with a fever

Fever-reducing medicines help spread the flu virus

Routinely using fever-reducing medication increases the number of flu cases by around 5% annually, say scientists

23 January, 2014
Photo of a hand crushing a diet soda can

Diet beverages no solution for weight loss

Regular consumption of diet sodas confuses the brain and causes you to eat more, study shows

21 January, 2014
Photo of a man in silhouette against the sun

Is sunlight the ultimate blood pressure medication?

Exposing skin to sunlight may help to reduce blood pressure and thus cut the risk of heart attack and stroke

20 January, 2014
Photo of hands holding stones with spiritual messages written on them

Spirituality, meditation guard against major depression

Cultivating a spiritual life can significantly protect against depression, even in those with a family history of the disease

17 January, 2014

Probiotic drops helpful in treating infant colic

Giving infants a probiotic supplement during the first three months of life could reduce the incidence of colic and other gastrointestinal problems

17 January, 2014

Try yoga to reduce diabetes risk by half

Muscle conditioning exercises, such as yoga, can reduce the risk of developing diabetes later in life

16 January, 2014