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May 2011

Acupuncture can treat ‘unexplained symptoms’

Scientists say just 12 sessions of acupuncture can boost health and well being for otherwise hard to treat patients

31 May, 2011
Baby's feet

GM toxins found in the blood of mothers and babies

Most women and their unborn babies are carrying toxins from GM crops in their blood, say Canadian researchers

20 May, 2011
Back decompression

Back pain – access to effective natural treatment is limited

NHS doctors are failing to refer patients for effective alternative treatment to back pain, says new report

19 May, 2011
Woman practising yoga

Yoga boosts quality of life for breast cancer patients

Practicing yoga significantly improves the quality of life of women suffering from breast cancer and undergoing radiation therapy

19 May, 2011

Healthy parents make healthy babies

New data shows improving the health of both parents can enhance fertility and improve the chances of successful pregnancy

15 May, 2011