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Add yoghurt to reduce heart disease risk

In people studied for three decades, more than two servings a week of yogurt led to an approximately 20% lower risk of major coronary heart disease or stroke.

16 February, 2018

Get on your feet to reduce heart attack risk

Low-intensity physical activity, such as standing, walking or even doing household chores can be more beneficial for your health than once thought.

9 February, 2018

Study finds heart protective effects of sea buckthorn

A new review suggests that supplementing with nutrient- and antioxidant-rich sea buckthorn oil could help protect against heart disease.

5 February, 2018

Big implications for how salt interacts with gut bacteria

Excess dietary salt interacts with common bacteria in the gut with implications for the development of not only hypertension but certain autoimmune diseases as well.

31 January, 2018

Turmeric shows benefits in lowering LDL cholesterol

Pooled evidence from several trials suggests that regularly consuming turmeric, or its active constituent curcumin, could help lower some of the risk factors for heart disease.

19 January, 2018

Diet as effective as drugs for hypertension

A new study shows that a heart healthy diet, combined with lower sodium intake, can match or beat conventional drugs to lower blood pressure in those most at risk from hypertension.

27 November, 2017

Fight salty cravings with spicy food

Chinese scientists studying food cravings have found that a preference for spicy foods often means people consume less salt.

22 November, 2017

Stretch or sweat – which is better for the heart?

Combining yoga and aerobic exercise may be the best way to lower blood pressure, total cholesterol, weight and other symptoms in heart disease patients.

23 October, 2017

Regular saunas keep blood pressure down

Frequent sauna bathing reduces the risk of elevated blood pressure, and therefore the risk of heart disease, according to new evidence.

5 October, 2017

It’s official – meditation lowers heart disease risk

Meditation has the potential to reduce several of the risk factors for heart disease, according to a new official statement from the American Heart Association (AHA).

2 October, 2017