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October 2013

Photo of an autumnal forest

Take a walk in the woods to boost immunity, shake off stress

It’s not just a psychological effect, plants release important chemicals that, when we breathe them in, trigger key immune activity

31 October, 2013
Photo of flax seed in a jar

Eating more flaxseed may lower the risk of recurring breast cancer

New evidence shows that a higher dietary intake of flaxseed can help cut the risk of developing and dying from breast cancer.

29 October, 2013
Photo of a sprained ankle with an elastic bandage on it

Natural treatment matches conventional NSAID for pain relief

A natural topical remedy has been shown to be as effective as the NSAID diclofenac for reducing pain after an ankle sprain, according to a new study

23 October, 2013

Why are additives linked to hyperactivity still in children’s medicines?

A new report shows that too many childrenā€™s medicines still contain additives withdrawn from food and drink because of links to hyperactivity and ADHD

22 October, 2013
Photo of vitamins

Multivitamin supplements may reduce breast cancer death rates

Long-term use of a daily multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement may be protective if you develop breast cancer, say researchers

21 October, 2013
Photo of a bowl of cherry tomatoes

Prostate cancer link to vitamin C supplements ā€“ what the papers DIDN’T say

An alarming headline last week suggested that high doses of vitamin C could raise men’s prostate cancer risk. But is that what the study really said?

21 October, 2013
Photo of a sleeping woman

Sleep helps flush toxins from the brain

In a study with important implications for disorders such as Alzheimer’s, scientists have found that a good night’s sleep is vital to healthy brain function

18 October, 2013
Photo of a man and woman ignoring each other

Emotional pain as real to the brain as pain from injury

New evidence shows that the brain’s chemical response to hurtful words and social rejection is the same as when the body is physically injured

17 October, 2013
Photo of a woman holding a magnifying glass up to her skin

Skin’s ‘internal clock’ helps protect it from environmental damage

Understanding more about the skin’s natural rhythms and how they become disrupted could lead to new treatments – in both beauty and medicine

17 October, 2013
Photo of a bunch of grapes

Resveratrol gives a boost to skin cancer treatment

New research has shown that resveratrol, a compound found in grapes and red wine, can help fight melanoma

16 October, 2013