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November 2013

Photo of stacked stones against a peaceful green background

Meditation’s stress-busting effect could slow Alzheimer’s progression

Brain changes associated with meditation could help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias

29 November, 2013
Illustration of gluten-free claims on food

New report links gluten disorders to GMOs

Why are so many people becoming sensitive to gluten in their diets? A new US report suggests pesticides used on GM foods may be to blame.

26 November, 2013
Photo of fish oil capsules in a sardine tin

Lower-fat diet with fish oil helps slow prostate cancer growth

Men with prostate cancer could help slow the growth of cancer cells if they eat a low-fat diet and take fish oil supplements

26 November, 2013
Photo illustrating brain healthy food

Previously ignored nutrient ‘essential’ for brain development

The non-essential amino acid, asparagine, found in both animal and plant foods, has been shown to be essential for normal brain development

26 November, 2013
Photo of flowering rosemary

Spearmint and rosemary extracts improve memory

These common essential oils are rich in substances that reduce oxidative stress and help keep the brain and memory sharp

21 November, 2013
Photo of a woman looking depressed

Treat insomnia to cure depression

Sleep problems and depression often go hand-in-hand; but to help patients new evidence suggests we need to focus on treating the insomnia

21 November, 2013
Photo of a dog in a cage

Drugs tests on dogs are unreliable – so why use them?

Why do pharmaceutical and chemical companies use dogs to test the toxicity of their products when such tests are cruel and unable to predict toxicity in humans

21 November, 2013
Photo of a woman in an hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy reduces hypertension in osteoarthritis patients

Treatment in mineral-rich hot springs can improve pain, and may even help reduce blood pressure for osteoarthritis sufferers

20 November, 2013

Drinking water improves focus, reaction time

The effects of dehydration can be experienced as headaches, mood changes and inability to concentrate say researchers.

18 November, 2013
Photo of a selection of meats

Acidic diet linked to higher diabetes risk

A unique new study has shown that, a diet high in acidic foods such as meat, coffee and sweetened beverage, increases the risk of type-2 diabetes

15 November, 2013