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November 2017

Cinnamon enhances fat metabolism

New research shows that active substances in cinnamon can help boost the body’s natural fat metabolising mechanisms.

28 November, 2017

EU renews glyphosate for a further 5 years

European authorities have allowed the toxic herbicide glyphosate to remain on the market for at least another 5 years.

28 November, 2017

Diet as effective as drugs for hypertension

A new study shows that a heart healthy diet, combined with lower sodium intake, can match or beat conventional drugs to lower blood pressure in those most at risk from hypertension.

27 November, 2017

Fight salty cravings with spicy food

Chinese scientists studying food cravings have found that a preference for spicy foods often means people consume less salt.

22 November, 2017

Black seed oil supplement improves asthma control

Recent research shows that Nigella sativa, or black seed oil, has anti-inflammatory properties that may aid asthma control.

22 November, 2017

Love your ‘to do’ list

A large ‘to do’ list of activities, errands and chores may sometimes seem overwhelming, but it could have health benefits including a lower risk of early death.

20 November, 2017

Antioxidant-rich diet lowers type-2 diabetes risk

A healthy diet with plenty of antioxidant-rich foods and drinks could significantly lower the risk of developing type-2 diabetes, French researchers have found.

17 November, 2017

Switch to organic to feed the world, fight climate change

A worldwide conversion to organic farming can contribute to a comprehensive and sustainable food system, especially if combined with other sustainable measures.

16 November, 2017

Exercise gives you a bigger brain

Regular aerobic exercise increases the size of the left region of the hippocampus, an area of the brain critical for memory, a new analysis reveals.

14 November, 2017

Increase vitamin C to protect bones, prevent hip fractures

Keeping your bones strong could be as simple as drinking a glass of orange juice a day, according to new research data.

13 November, 2017