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April 2015

woman with a bag of healthy groceries

Healthy food choices? Eat an apple before food shopping

New research shows that people who ate an apple before shopping bought 28% more fruits and vegetables than those who didn’t

30 April, 2015
illustraion of a broken heart

Women can literally die of a broken heart

Traumatic life events can raise a woman’s risk of a heart attack, even if she has no other risk factors for heart disease, say researchers

30 April, 2015
Photo of a bumblebee on a yellow flower

Are bees addicted to pesticides?

New study finds bees are attracted to nectar containing common pesticides, thus increasing their chances of lethal exposure

27 April, 2015

Global sustainability is dependent on a happy citizens

Sustainability isn’t just about environment. Countries with the happiest citizens are also more sustainable and resilient in times of economic and social crisis.

27 April, 2015
photo of multivitamins

Another misleading story linking vitamins to cancer

In today’s papers there is a flurry of stories about a new ‘study’ linking vitamins with cancer. Here’s what you need to know about these reports: There is no study.

21 April, 2015
photo of turmeric powder

Curcumin prevents post-exercise muscle soreness

Curcumin, the well-researched active ingredient in turmeric, can help reduce pain, inflammation and muscle damage from intense exercise

21 April, 2015
photo of antidepressant pills

Mindfulness training as effective as pills for preventing depression

Mindfulness-based cognitive training (MBCT) – which aims to change the way people think and feel about their experiences – can help prevent relapse of major depression

21 April, 2015
photo of shiitake mushrooms

A mushroom a day for better immunity?

Regular consumption of shiitake mushrooms, prized in traditional Asian medicine for their health-giving properties, can help improve immune function, say US researchers

21 April, 2015
Photo of pesticides being sprayed on a field

Pesticide exposure raises risk of heart disease

Exposure to DDT and related hormone-disrupting pesticides can increase a woman’s risk of heart disease over and above any risks posed by obesity

9 April, 2015
photo of a women after a sweaty workout

Getting sweaty could save your life

Physical activity that makes you puff and sweat is key to avoiding an early death, according to new research from Australia

8 April, 2015