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February 2015

Liquorice could provide UV protection to skin

Liquorice contains active anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that can help protect skin in the sun

25 February, 2015
photo of cola being poured into a glass

Colouring used in some sodas poses cancer risk

Soda drinkers are ingesting caramel food colouring, a substance that can raise cancer risk over a lifetime, say researchers

23 February, 2015
photo of a pizza

Highly processed foods linked with addictive eating

Chips, pizza and chocolate have been found to be among the most addictive foods in a new study

23 February, 2015
Photo fo seeds adn wholegrains

Want to live longer? Eat more wholegrain foods

A diet that includes more wholegrains an reduce your risk of early death from heart disease, say Harvard researchers

19 February, 2015
Photo of a mum breastfeeding

Start improving health before birth to beat child obesity

Scientists urge mums to address five key modifiable factors that could influence their child’s risk of being overweight late in life.

19 February, 2015
Photo of coconut oil on a spoon

Coconut oil & exercise combo lowers blood pressure

New evidence from Brazil shows potential for combining coconut oil and exercise to reduce oxidative stress on the heart and fight hypertension.

16 February, 2015
photo illustrating inflammation in the brain

Brain inflammation link to major depression revealed

New evidence of the link between inflammation in the brain and depression suggests treating the inflammation could help treat the depression.

16 February, 2015
Photo of children playing in the sun

Low childhood vitamin D levels linked to adult atherosclerosis

Not getting enough vitamin D as a child can increase the risk factors for heart disease much later in life, according to Finnish researchers

13 February, 2015
Photo of Milk Thistle plant

Milk thistle extract fights rare brain tumor

In laboratory tests silibinin – the major active constituent of milk thistle seeds – has been shown to slow the growth of pituitary tumours that cause Cushing Disease

13 February, 2015
photo of cocoa powder

Cocoa can help boost brain health

The normal ageing of the brain can be slowed by getting more of the unique antioxidant flavanols in minimally processed cocoa powder

11 February, 2015