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May 2012

Photo of fresh Veg

Eat a Mediterranean diet for better quality of life

Better mental and physical health, better quality of life, better food – what’s not to like about the Mediterranean diet?!

30 May, 2012
Photo of tongue tip

East meets West as TCM tongue analysis software detects disease

A new form of computer diagnosis based on the ancient skill of tongue analysis has proved an accurate way to diagnose bacterial stomach infections

28 May, 2012
Photo of turmeric root

Love curry? Now science says it’s an immune booster

Scientists have identified new ways that curry spices like curcumin can promote good health and fight disease

27 May, 2012
Photo of Leptolyngbya crossbyana seaweed

Nuisance seaweed could be a boon to human health

A newly discovered seaweed compound could hold the key to treating bacterial infections and inflammatory conditions like arthritis

25 May, 2012
Photo of blueberries on a tree

Eating more berries keeps the mind sharp

Berry good news! Eating more scrumptious blueberries and strawberries can help keep your brain working properly

24 May, 2012
Photo of green, white and black peppercorns

Black pepper compound shows promise in fighting fat

Black pepper isn’t just a spicy companion to salt at the dinner table – it’s full of healthy substances that may even aid weight control

22 May, 2012
Photo looking up at a big tree

Get back to nature to reduce allergies and asthma

Too little contact with diverse natural environments is one reason why city dwellers are finding it harder and harder to breath easy, according to a new study

22 May, 2012
Photo of bottles of cleaning products

Household chemicals linked to increase in cancer and infertility, says EU report

A new report details the human health effects of hormone disrupters in household products and cosmetics – it’s not pretty

21 May, 2012
Photo of a homeopathic remedy and a flower

Your access to homoeopathic remedies is under threat

Millions of people in the UK could soon find it harder to get homoeopathic treatment; here’s how you can help

16 May, 2012
Photo of a woman testing her blood sugar levels

Naturopathic care improves mood, glucose control in diabetics

Adding naturopathic care to conventional care can improve mood, glucose tolerance and self-care in diabetic patients

15 May, 2012