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December 2014

photo of lettuce being picked

Pharmaceuticals in the environment affect crop growth

The pharmaceutical drugs we dump into the environment have been shown to have a significant impact on the growth of food crops

30 December, 2014
photo of a healthy man

Male infertility linked to hypertension, other health problems

Infertility problems can be an early warning of other health problems – such as heart disease – for men

30 December, 2014
Photo of a man and woman practicing yoga

Analysis reveals yoga’s benefits for heart health

Yoga has been shown in several studies to be effective in improving cardiovascular risk factors, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes

29 December, 2014
Photo of bilberries

Bilberries can help tackle health effects of high-fat diet

Bilberries – a type of wild blueberry – can help lower blood pressure and reduce the inflammation associated with a high fat diet

22 December, 2014
photo of a filing cabinet labelled humility

Cultivating humility – beyond lack of pridefulness

True humility, say social scientists, has an intellectual component that encompasses traits like curiosity, awareness and a love of learning

22 December, 2014

That coffee cup may be BPA-free – but it’s still hormone-disrupting

Study shows that the resins used to make certain BPA-free plastics are estrogenic and can leech into our food

16 December, 2014
photo of coconuts and coconut oil

Healthy fats in coconut oil could help slow brain ageing

A diet high in medium chain fatty acids, such as those found in coconut oil, could help protect the ageing brain, new research shows.

15 December, 2014
acupressure points

Suffering from constipation? Self-acupressure can help

In a randomized clinical trial, 72% percent of participants said that self administered perineal self-acupressure helped relieve their constipation.

15 December, 2014
photo of a no pesticides sign on an organic farm

Yes, organic can feed the world

We don’t need outdated technologies like GM to feed the world, a new analysis has shown.

12 December, 2014
Photo of Japanese honeysuckle

Brew some honeysuckle tea to fight the flu

Honeysuckle flowers contain a potent anti-viral substance that acts against several strains of flu virus

8 December, 2014