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July 2018

Greening vacant lots reduces depression in city dwellers

Giving vacant lots in urban environments a green makeover with grass and trees can help reduce feelings of depression in city dwellers.

29 July, 2018

‘New’ GMO technologies must be fully regulated in Europe

European courts have ruled that the EU’s strong protection against GMOs should be upheld – America and Australia, not so much…

27 July, 2018

Oak tree extract cools symptoms of burnout

Daily supplementation with an extract from oak wood may help reduce symptoms of fatigue associated with burnout syndrome, according to new evidence.

21 July, 2018

Black tea aromatherapy? It could aid stress

Before you drink your tea try inhaling it. New research shows that back tea contains aromatic compounds that may help to lower stress levels and improve mood.

12 July, 2018

Dietary fibre could help lower risk of depression

Increasing your daily intake of dietary fibre could help reduce your risk of depression, according to a new analysis.

10 July, 2018

Handful of nuts each day could improve men’s fertility

Just 60g of mixed nuts daily could help improve men’s fertility by boosting sperm health and quality.

5 July, 2018