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June 2011

Photo of a child eating a cupcake

TV influences kids’ unhealthy food choices

Scientists say watching TV adverts for unhealthy foods makes kids want to eat more high-fat and high-sugar foods

30 June, 2011
Cigarette ends

Text message support for smokers doubles quit rates

Regular, motivational text messages sent to smoker’s phones could help more people kick the habit, say researchers

29 June, 2011

Strawberries ‘feed’ red blood cells

Eating antioxidant-rich strawberries daily is not only delicious; it can help make red blood cells stronger

27 June, 2011
Pinto beans

Soluble fibre fights belly fat

Some kinds of body fat can be banished by eating more soluble fibre from vegetables, fruit and beans

27 June, 2011
European honey bee

Bees and other pollinators keep our diets healthy

Up to 40% of some essential nutrients in fruits and vegetables could be lost without our busy bees

24 June, 2011
A tape measure

Fake fats linked to weight gain

Fat substitutes, commonly used in low-calorie crisps and other foods, contribute to weight gain and obesity

20 June, 2011
Woman suffering a migraine

Homoeopathy combo eases migraines

Researchers say that a homoeopathic preparation of feverfew combined with ginger gives relief to migraine sufferers

16 June, 2011
A bottle of olive oil

Olive oil helps prevent strokes

New data links diets high in olive oil to a lower risk of stroke in older people

15 June, 2011
An image of the moon

Just chill to beat insomnia

Scientists suggest that cooling the brain at bedtime can help people who suffer from insomnia

14 June, 2011
The Dreamer by Cortina

Sleeping well = better quality of life

Not too much and not too little; the right amount of sleep keeps us happy and healthy

14 June, 2011