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June 2013

Photo of ginger root

Ginger increases insulin sensitivity in type-2 diabetics

Studies show that ginger contains numerous therapeutic substances that can improve health in people suffering from type-2 diabetes

28 June, 2013
Photo of a woman with stomach cramps holding a hot wter bottle

Acupuncture better than NSAIDs for period pains

Two new studies show that acupuncture is an effective form of pain relief and may be particularly useful for period pains

28 June, 2013
Photo of aromatherapy oils

For burn-out try taking an aromatherapy breather

When you are stressed and losing focus, inhaling essential oils can make ‘taking a breather’ a really useful therapeutic option

25 June, 2013

Rhodiola extract shows potential for improving longevity

Californian scientists have found that Rhodioa rosea, or golden root, works in an unusual way to support health and extend life

24 June, 2013
Photo illustrating a healthy gut

Probiotic supplement improves vitamin D absorption

A new study has shown that taking a daily probiotic supplement can increase circulating levels of vitamin D by 25%

20 June, 2013

UK government is singing from biotech’s hymn sheet

Why is the UK government trying to adopt GM when the rest of the world is trying to get rid of it?

20 June, 2013
Illustration of a woman's skeleton running

Vitamin E – a new weapon against osteoporosis?

Emerging evidence suggests that vitamin E deficiency has a previously unrecognised role in the development of osteoporosis

18 June, 2013
Photo showing scale of a premature baby's feet

Probiotic-based treatment could prevent infection in premature babies

Good evidence exists that probiotic treatment can help prevent distressing and potentially fatal illness in premature babies, say researchers

17 June, 2013
Photo of a bottle of glyphosate week killer

GM pesticide linked to breast cancer as residues found in people across Europe

New research shows that glyphosate, sold commercially as Roundup, can trigger the growth of human breast cancer cells

14 June, 2013
Photo of a baby eating

Fish meals in infancy may help prevent allergies later on

Integrating fish into your child’s diet early on can reap health benefits, including less risk of eczema and hay fever, as they grow

13 June, 2013