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September 2012

Photo of bowls of microgreens

Get sprouting! Microgreens are bursting with nutrition

Microgreens like red cabbage, cilantro and radish have up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than mature plants

27 September, 2012
Photo of a woman learning Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique cuts medication use in pain sufferers

Researchers in Bristol have found a remarkable reduction in pain medication use with Alexander Technique

27 September, 2012

Bath salts hold the key to arthritis relief

Scientists have found a simple way to ease the agony of arthritis – soaking in a bath of salt water

25 September, 2012
Photo of two hands making a heart shape aroudn the sun

Vitamin D deficiency linked to higher risk of heart disease

Evidence is piling up that vitamin D deficiency substantially raises the risk of heart disease and early death

25 September, 2012
Photo of paracetamol tablets on a table

Painkillers – more overdoses than heroin and cocaine

Our worrying and escalating use of painkillers – is it ‘medication overuse’ or ‘medication overprescription’?

24 September, 2012
Photo of a rat with a mammary tumour

GMO apologists running out of excuses for tumours in GM-fed rats

The scramble to discredit the recent GM feeding study is losing ground as the excuses get sillier and sillier

21 September, 2012
Photo of two hands wrapped around a heart shape

Selenium/CoQ10 combo prevents heart disease deaths

New research from Sweden shows that selenium helps optimise the heart protective effect of CoQ10 in older adults

20 September, 2012
Close cropped photo of red apples

An apple a day could keep pancreatic cancer away

Including more richly coloured fruits, like apples and berries in your diet, can lower the risk of several types of cancer

20 September, 2012
Photo illustrating dangerous GM maize

Multiple tumours found in rats fed on Monsanto’s GM corn

A new French study shows that rats fed a lifelong diet of GM maize develop tumours and multiple organ damage

19 September, 2012
Photo of pills spilling out of a roll of dollar bills

GPs – your friendly neighbourhood drug pushers

With GPs pushing drugs onto people instead of caring for them properly it’s little wonder patients are so dissatisfied – and sick

18 September, 2012