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Artificial sweetener research biased by industry money

Researchers say their findings show that the ‘results of reviews on the health benefits of artificial sweeteners cannot always be trusted’

21 September, 2016
photo of a gmo tomato

No ‘scientific consensus’ on the safety of GMOs

An important joint statement by hundreds of independent scientists deconstructs the notion that there is ‘scientific consensus’ on the safety of GMOs

29 January, 2015
Photo of sliced green tomatoes

Green tomato compound grows, protects muscles

A unique compound in green tomatoes has a potent muscle-building activity and may even help protect against muscle wastage

24 April, 2014
Illustration of brain synapses

Medical group endorses some alternatives for multiple sclerosis

New official guidelines, published in the US, suggest gingko biloba, cannabis spray, reflexology and magnetic therapy can offer relief

28 March, 2014
Photo illustrating brain healthy food

Previously ignored nutrient ‘essential’ for brain development

The non-essential amino acid, asparagine, found in both animal and plant foods, has been shown to be essential for normal brain development

26 November, 2013

Stop! That test or procedure may not be necessary

An interesting new initiative is challenging both doctors and patients to start paying more attention to the concept of ‘evidence-based care’

4 March, 2013
Photo of a doctor using a mobile phone to tweet

Doctors fail to disclose conflicts of interest online

When doctors post a tweet or a blog – shouldn’t they be obliged to say if a drug company if paying them to do it?

13 November, 2012
Photo of a woman feeling bad

Why we feel worse when our bodies are trying to get better

To fight invading pathogens, say scientists, the immune system takes a gamble that can sometimes leave us feeling worse before we feel better

22 March, 2012
Photo of a mammogram

Patients poorly informed of the harm caused by screening tests

Patients should be fully armed with the facts – making sure they understand the benefits, the harms and the scientific uncertainties – before having routine screening tests

10 February, 2012
Photo of a paper stack

Evidence based medicine – an increasingly meaningless phrase?

Experts say conventional medical research is sloppy and haphazard and relying on it can endanger patients lives

5 January, 2012