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Sunscreen chemicals enter bloodstream after a single application

After just one application of sunscreen, a range of worrying chemicals can be absorbed into the bloodstream at levels that exceed official safety thresholds.

23 January, 2020

Sunscreen chemicals easily absorbed into the bloodstream

With regular use the chemicals in your sunscreen can be absorbed into the bloodstream at levels high enough to raise health concerns.

9 May, 2019

Skin’s natural bacteria protects against cancer

The skin microbiome is increasingly seen as important to human health; now scientists say that a bacteria commonly found on the skin may help prevent UV induced skin cancer.

12 March, 2018

Daily probiotic improves acne-prone skin

New research suggests that supplementing with the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus​ SP1 may work at the genetic level to improve the appearance of adult acne.

12 January, 2018

Hyaluronic acid supplement reduces wrinkles

A daily supplement containing hyaluronic acid could help slow the development of wrinkles and improve skin condition, according to new research.

29 September, 2017

Nettle plant extract protects skin from photo-ageing

A member of the nettle family, Urtica thunbergiana, or Japanese nettle, has been show to boost collagen and help prevent skin-ageing associated with UVB exposure.

11 August, 2017

Tomatoes help protect against skin cancer

A diet rich in tomatoes could reduce your chances of getting non-melanoma skin cancer by up to half, according to new research.

2 August, 2017

Lemon balm fights ageing inside and out

Daily lemon balm tea is a pleasant and effective way to improve arterial health and circulation – improvements that can be observed through healthier looking skin.

3 July, 2017

Try curcumin gel for burns and scalds

A topical curcumin gel applied quickly to mild to moderate burns and scalds has been shown to be remarkably effective in relieving symptoms and improved healing of the affected skin.

17 March, 2017

Hawaii seeks to ban oxybenzone sunscreening chemical

Legislators in Hawaii are seeking to ban the sunscreening chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate due to scientific evidence of harm these chemicals cause to the natural environment.

27 February, 2017