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October 2012

Photo of an older woman cooling herself off with a fan

Hypnotherapy cools hot flashes

This drug-free alternative can help cut the frequency and severity of menopausal hot flashes by up to 80%, say researchers

30 October, 2012
Photo of a glass of freshly squezed orange juice

Dementia sufferers are low in vitamin C and beta carotene

Scientists have discovered that deficiency in these two important antioxidants could influence the course of Alzheimer’s disease

30 October, 2012
Photo of traditional Chinese practitioner

Is spirituality the key to TCM’s success?

The tradition of treating the whole person may be why TCM has stood the test of time, say researchers

25 October, 2012
Photo of a mother kissing her baby

Healthy fats in pregnancy protect against childhood allergies

Increasing your intake of healthy fats during pregnancy can help protect your child from atopic disorders like asthma and eczema

24 October, 2012
Close up photo of echinacea purpurea flower

Echinacea effective in preventing and treating colds

A new trial has found that Echinacea purpurea extract significantly reduces the number and duration of colds

23 October, 2012
Photo of vitamins spilling out of a bottle

A daily multivitamin reduces men’s cancer risk

New study shows that men who take a daily multivitamin are 8% less likely to develop cancer than those who don’t

22 October, 2012
Photo of vitamin D capsules

Vitamin D supplements benefit lupus sufferers

Treating vitamin D deficiency could provide significant relief to people suffering from the autoimmune disease lupus

18 October, 2012

Pick a number – now it’s 7-a-day for happiness

The good news is that more fruit and veg can improve your mood, the bad news is we are still confused about what ‘more’ means

18 October, 2012
Photo of a baby boy sleeping with father in the background

Non-organic dairy products linked to birth defect

Choosing organic, especially organic dairy products, could help lower the incidence of hypospadias in boys

16 October, 2012
Close-up photo of a tomato

Eat tomatoes to lower stroke risk

Lycopene-rich tomatoes have been shown to reduce the risk of stroke in men by more than 50%

16 October, 2012