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UK supermarkets still supporting deforestation soya

Soya in the meat and dairy supply chains of UK supermarkets could be contributing to illegal deforestation in the Amazon undermining customer-friendly claims of a ‘clean’ soya supply chain.

14 February, 2022

Heart benefits grow in green neighbourhoods

People who live in leafy, green neighbourhoods may have a lower risk of developing heart disease and strokes, according to new research.

7 January, 2019

Glyphosate weed killer linked to bee deaths

Honey bees exposed to glyphosate/Roundup lose some of the beneficial bacteria in their guts and are more susceptible to infection and death from harmful bacteria.

26 September, 2018

Greening vacant lots reduces depression in city dwellers

Giving vacant lots in urban environments a green makeover with grass and trees can help reduce feelings of depression in city dwellers.

29 July, 2018

Orange essential oil keeps mosquitoes away

Natural essential oils extracted from the peel of oranges could be an effective and eco-friendly alternative way to deter mosquitoes.

18 October, 2017

Green schoolyards improve kids’ mental and physical health

Giving children the opportunity to experience a healthy outdoor environment as part of their daily lives benefits mental health and school performance, say researchers.

19 September, 2017

Nature sounds help us relax – here’s how

New UK research has found that listening to natural sounds helps calm and reset the body systems that control our flight-or-fright and rest-digest responses.

3 April, 2017

Access to nature lowers rates of obesity and depression

A new review of hundreds of studies suggests that access to nature brings measurable health and wellbeing benefits and should be a fundamental right for everyone.

23 March, 2017

Neonics killing England’s wild bee populations

Two decades of data show that bees that forage on crops treated with neonicotinoid insecticides are at significantly great risk of population declines.

17 August, 2016

A ‘dose’ of nature – just what the doctor ordered

Scientists from Australia and the UK say a ‘minimum dose’ of nature for us all could significantly reduce rates of depression and high blood pressure.

6 July, 2016