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Bee pollen a ‘treasure trove’ of health benefits

According to a new analysis by a team of Chinese and Brazilian scientists, bee pollen is a treasure trove of active natural metabolites, with verifiable health benefits.

17 October, 2018

Green tea’s role in preventing ‘Alzheimer’s of the heart’

Clumps of proteins – similar to those in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients – can be found in diseased hearts; the green tea antioxidant EGCG is one way to help prevent them.

18 September, 2018

Oak tree extract cools symptoms of burnout

Daily supplementation with an extract from oak wood may help reduce symptoms of fatigue associated with burnout syndrome, according to new evidence.

21 July, 2018

Black tea aromatherapy? It could aid stress

Before you drink your tea try inhaling it. New research shows that back tea contains aromatic compounds that may help to lower stress levels and improve mood.

12 July, 2018

Pine bark extract helps you travel happy

Evidence shows that extract of French maritime pine bark (Pycnogenol) lowers the risk of deep vein thrombosis and eases symptoms of jet lag in travellers.

20 April, 2018

Daffodil extract could help fight cancer

New research from Belgian scientists has shown that a natural alkaloid, extracted from daffodils, activates anti-tumour pathways in the body.

5 March, 2018

Lemon verbena reduces muscle soreness, damage post-exercise

Antioxidant polyphenols in lemon verbena extract could help reduce muscle damage caused by a heavy exercise session.

7 February, 2018

Saffron gives a lift to mums with the baby blues

A daily small dose of the precious spice saffron could help lift depression symptoms among new mothers with mild post-partum depression, according to new research.

5 January, 2018

Chamomile extract aids sleep quality

A small study has found that daily chamomile extract can significantly – and safely – improve sleep quality among elderly people.

15 December, 2017

Cinnamon enhances fat metabolism

New research shows that active substances in cinnamon can help boost the body’s natural fat metabolising mechanisms.

28 November, 2017