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July 2011

Photo of a woman doing yoga

Yoga practice reduces fibromyalgia pain

A new UK study has found that practising yoga can help ease the pain and stress associated with fibromyalgia.

28 July, 2011
Photo of a burger and curly fries

Should we make unhealthy lifestyles illegal?

Scientists say banning unhealthy foods could prevent thousands of cases of heart disease in the UK and cut NHS costs

28 July, 2011
Photo of mixed candies

High fructose corn syrup link to heart disease

Consumption of this ubiquitous sugar – even if it is within so called healthy limits – may promote heart disease

27 July, 2011
A photo of homeopathic medicine

Government response confirms place of homoeopathy in the NHS

A response by Government reaffirms homoeopathy belongs in the NHS

26 July, 2011
Photo of a throat lozenge/pastille

Zinc lozenges may shorten common cold duration

New data from Finland suggests that zinc lozenges may shorten the duration of the common cold by up to 40%

26 July, 2011
Photo of a depressed woman holding her face

Depression – more than a feeling

Depression is more than just a feeling – it has deep roots in social environment and living conditions

26 July, 2011
Photo of a polluted bed of water

Environmental pollutants lurk long after they ‘disappear’

Tests to identify levels of pharmaceutical pollutants in the environment may be giving us a false sense of security

20 July, 2011
Photo of hand holding pills

Patients on anti-depressants more likely to relapse

Depressed people who use anti-depressants are twice as likely to suffer relapses than those on no medication at all

20 July, 2011
Photo of a mixed vegetable salad

Eat more fibre – or a veggie diet – for a healthy gut

Vegetarians – and those who have a high fibre diet – are less likely to suffer from painful diverticulitis

20 July, 2011

High self esteem is key to weight loss

Want to lose weight? Success may depend on how much you love your body – whatever shape it is

15 July, 2011