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July 2012

Photo of a pregnant woman with a cell phone

Child obesity link to magnetic field exposure in the womb

Researchers find a 69% increased risk of childhood obesity when babies are exposed to magnetic fields in utero

31 July, 2012
Photo of the Uncaria tomentosa plant

Cat’s claw repairs DNA damage caused by chemotherapy

Researchers find this South American herb can reverse the adverse effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer patients

31 July, 2012
Photo of a sunrise

Low vitamin D status linked to premature death

Ensuring adequate vitamin D, from diet, supplements and sun exposure, can keep us healthy and active for longer

30 July, 2012
Photo of stroke victims participating in a yoga class

Yoga helps stroke survivors improve balance

Yoga classes have been shown to improve balance, confidence and mobility in long-term stroke survivors

27 July, 2012
Photo of vitamin E capsules

Upping vitamin E intake could lower liver cancer risk

Vitamin E intake from diet and supplements is linked with a reduced incidence of this devastating disease

26 July, 2012
Photo of a living 'green wall' in a city

Plants are the best ‘green technology’ for reducing city pollution

Providing more ‘green walls’ in our cities could help cut harmful pollution and improve the health of city dwellers

24 July, 2012
Photo of antioxidant rich fresh fruit

Dietary antioxidants could cut pancreatic cancer risk

New research shows that high dietary antioxidant intake could prevent 1 in 12 cases of pancreatic cancer

24 July, 2012
Photo of California mussels on a rock

Swimming in a sea of caffeine

Researchers have found elevated levels of caffeine at several ocean sites along the Pacific Northwest coastline

23 July, 2012
Photo of a woman doing yoga by a lake

Science gets a handle on how yoga works

Yogic breathing exercises and postures are a valuable and proven way to treat stress, anxiety and depression

19 July, 2012
Photo of Usain Bolt gold spikes

Little evidence for performance enhancing claims of sports products

Oxford University researchers say most performance-enhancing sports products are mere fashion accessories with little proven benefit

19 July, 2012