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March 2014

Close up photo of bergamot oranges

Could a cup of Earl Grey help fight heart disease?

Long appreciated for its medicinal properties in Italy, new research shows that extract of bergamot orange could help protect against heart disease

31 March, 2014
Photo of a woman with a migraine

Migraine attacks can increase following stress “let-down”

New evidence shows that in the calm that follows a period of stress can leave us more vulnerable to migraine attacks and more

31 March, 2014
Illustration of brain synapses

Medical group endorses some alternatives for multiple sclerosis

New official guidelines, published in the US, suggest gingko biloba, cannabis spray, reflexology and magnetic therapy can offer relief

28 March, 2014
Photo of a steak on a barbecue

Beer marinade makes grilled and barbecued meat safer

Science can be fun! Researchers find that marinating meat in beer can help reduce the formation of carcinogenic substances called PAHs

28 March, 2014
Photo illustrating botanical supplements

Food supplements remain popular across the EU

The popularity of plant and food-based supplements is on the rise in Europe, according to new data, but individual countries have their own preferences

26 March, 2014
Close -up photo of a papaya

Papaya – your best source for carotenoids?

This delicious tropical fruit is higher in available beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A, than carrots or tomatoes

26 March, 2014
Photo of a woman performing a breast self examination

Vitamin D improves breast cancer survival rate

New data suggests there is there is no compelling reason not to incorporate vitamin D supplements into standard care regimens for breast cancer

25 March, 2014
Photo of a pat of butter in the shape of a heart

Time to stop blaming saturated fat for heart disease?

A major new analysis has shown that, when it comes to heart disease, simplistic views of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ fats are not based on sound science

24 March, 2014

Using herbs and spices helps to cut back on salt

Findings from a new study show that people who are taught to use herbs and spices tend to use less salt in their day-to-day diets

20 March, 2014
Photo of a women massaging her own neck

How much massage to ease a pain in the neck?

When you have neck pain, more and longer sessions of massage are more likely to bring relief than if you have just a few short sessions

20 March, 2014