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November 2011

Man sitting in the sun

IBD drugs linked to higher risk of skin cancer

Accumulating data shows that people on immunosuppressant drugs are at increased risk of skin cancer

30 November, 2011
Photo of a woman yawning

Go ahead an yawn – it’s good for your brain

Yawning doesn’t just mean you are bored or tired; it can help regulate the temperature of your brain, say scientists

30 November, 2011
Photo of Glycyrrhiza glabra plant

Liquorice – medicinal plant of the year 2012

Liquorice has been named Medicinal Plant of the Year 2012 – but campaigners urge protecting wild plants for future generations

28 November, 2011
Photo of fresh carrots

Eat more carrots to protect against heart disease

Adding carrots to your daily diet can help protect against heart disease, according to a new study

24 November, 2011
Photo of fresh salmon steaks

Omega-3 oils ease anxiety, reduce inflammation

New research shows the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and other foods may reduce stress, anxiety and inflammation

24 November, 2011
Photo of homoeopathic medicine

New international analysis shows homoeopathy is safe and effective

An exhaustive new analysis concludes that homoeopathy is both safe and effective

23 November, 2011
Photo of artificial sweeteners

Artifical sweetener link to inflammatory bowel disease

An expert asks if long term use of the sweetener sucralose can cause inflammatory bowel disease

22 November, 2011
Photo of a sleeping woman

Lack of sleep increases fibromyalgia risk in women

A new study has shown that sleep deprivation may be responsible for 65% of fibromyalgia cases in women

22 November, 2011
Photo of a baby

Delayed cord clamping prevents infant iron deficiency

Scientists say clamping the umbilical cord too early can lead to iron deficiency in newborns

22 November, 2011
Photo of a cup of green tea

Drinking green tea can help to lower cholesterol

A new analysis of 20 clinical trials shows that green tea is rich in antioxidants that can help lower cholesterol

18 November, 2011