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November 2012

Photo of a barrel of toxic substances

Tracking toxic exposures – a major new EU initiative

EU scientists will be using up to the minute technology to track our daily exposure to toxic chemicals and their effect on health

29 November, 2012
Photo of a child crawling in the grass

Paediatricians against pesticides – and about time too!

Children are more vulnerable to the toxic effects of pesticides in their environment and in their food

27 November, 2012
Photo of two cherries

Cherries’ anti-inflammatory action helps prevent gout

Antioxidant compounds found in cherries work like anti-inflammatory medications to help ward off gout

22 November, 2012
Photo of a wheat field

EU approval of Monsanto’s Roundup ‘based on bad science’

A combination of regulatory failures and bad science means we’re getting a dose of Monsanto’s toxic Roundup in our daily bread

20 November, 2012
Photo of cabbages

Higher vitamin K intake reduces type-2 diabetes risk

Increased dietary intake of vitamin K may lower the risk of developing type-2 diabetes in elderly people, according to recent research

20 November, 2012
Photo of motorway traffic

Pollution ages the brain, say scientists

New data suggests air pollution may be even more harmful to human health than previously thought

20 November, 2012
Photo of foot being massages with reflexology

Reflexology eases some cancer symptoms

A new study shows reflexology can help cancer patients manage symptoms like shortness of breath and better perform daily tasks

15 November, 2012
Photo of a black man meditating

Meditation protects against premature death from heart disease

In high risk groups Transcendental Meditation can significantly lower the risk of premature death from heart disease

15 November, 2012
Photo of a bowl of pasta

Eat your carbs at night to keep healthy and in the trim

Conventional advice to avoid carbohydrates at night may be wrong; a new study shows carbs at night can aid weight loss

13 November, 2012
Photo of a doctor using a mobile phone to tweet

Doctors fail to disclose conflicts of interest online

When doctors post a tweet or a blog – shouldn’t they be obliged to say if a drug company if paying them to do it?

13 November, 2012