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December 2013

Photo of a combined clock and scale

Tick-tock…how your body clock influences your weight

Studies reveal new links between our internal ‘clock’ and the way the body uses nutrients and calories throughout the day

31 December, 2013
Photo of tomatoes on the vine

Eating more tomatoes could lower breast cancer risk

A tomato-rich diet may provide more protection against breast cancer in at-risk postmenopausal women than soya

31 December, 2013
Photo of a girl chewing gum and blowing a bubble

Gum-chewing linked to migraines in kids

Chewing gum may seem like a harmless habit but new research shows it can trigger headaches in children and adolescents.

31 December, 2013
Photo of popular Asian spices

Study reveals the anti-cancer properties of spices

A new study has found that pungent spices like pepper and ginger can protect against DNA damage and the spread of cancer cells

30 December, 2013

An apple a day… could save your life

Apples contain important nutrients and beneficial fibre that help prevent heart disease as effectively – and more safely – than statin drugs

20 December, 2013
Photo of ear acupuncture for weight loss

Ear acupuncture could help aid weight loss

Continuous stimulation of ear acupuncture points could be a particularly good way to tackle abdominal fat, say Korean researchers

19 December, 2013
Photo of an infant dressed as a bee

EU authority: neonic pesticides harm children’s brains

Exposure to two neonicotinoid insecticides – acetamiprid and imidacloprid – most commonly associated with bee deaths, can also harm children

18 December, 2013
Illustration of Alzheimer's disease showing memory loss as leaves falling from a tree

Proof that omega-3 supplements can reach the brain

Supplements of omega-3 fatty acids, reach the brain, say scientists and could help slow the progression of dementia

17 December, 2013
Photo of a baby in a bath

Personal care products expose babies to harmful chemicals

Children can be exposed to significantly more toxic chemicals through personal care products than adults can

16 December, 2013
Photo of a dairy cow eating grass

Organic milk contains more healthy fats than conventional milk

Organic milk , from grass-fed cows, contains a healthier balance of essential fatty acids and more protein than conventional milk, according to new research

12 December, 2013