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Holding hands can help ease pain

Holding the hand of a loved one in pain could significantly reduce their suffering, due to a combination of brainwave synchronisation and empathy.

15 March, 2018

Healthy diet can help reduce disability, symptoms of MS

A large study has shown that for people with multiple sclerosis eating a healthier diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is linked to fewer disabling physical and mental symptoms.

8 December, 2017

Pycnogenol acts directly on painful joints

A natural extract from French Maritime Pine bark exerts its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect on joints by being directly absorbed into the synovial fluid, new research shows.

12 October, 2017

Acupuncture delivers fast pain relief in an emergency

New data from Australia shows that acupuncture can be used in hospital emergency departments for fast pain relief that is as effective as conventional drugs.

19 June, 2017

Acupuncture an effective choice for chronic pain, depression

New evidence shows that acupuncture can be a cost-effective and beneficial treatment option for many types of chronic pain, and for depression.

1 February, 2017

Common pain killers increase heart failure risk

New data from a large analysis of Europeans has found that painkillers such as ibuprofen are linked to an increased risk of heart failure.

30 September, 2016

Chronic pain relieved by yoga, acupuncture

New research shows that some of the most popular complementary health approaches – such as yoga, tai chi, and acupuncture – can relieve chronic pain.

6 September, 2016

Swimming – effective relief for fibromyalgia pain

Results of this new trial have shown that swimming is as beneficial as walking for relieving the pain of fibromyalgia and improving quality of life for sufferers.

24 August, 2016

Try electroacupuncture for carpal tunnel syndrome

Electroacupuncture can enhance the effectiveness of night-splinting and provide welcome relief from carpal tunnel symptoms.

4 August, 2016

Rose essential oil reduces post-operative pain in children

Inhaling Damask rose essential oil at regular intervals can help very young children cope with pain immediately post-surgery and for several hours afterwards.

25 April, 2016