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September 2011

Photo of a senior citizen

When it comes to volunteering, motives matter

Studies have long shown that people who give, live longer. But why we volunteer – not whether we volunteer – is what really counts

23 September, 2011
Photo of pieces of chocolate

Chocolate has heart healthy benefits

Higher levels of chocolate in your diet could substantially reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke

23 September, 2011
Photo of flax seeds

Flax seeds can help cut cancer risk

A diet high in seeds, particularly flax seeds, may help slow, or even prevent, the development breast cancer

23 September, 2011
Photo of Tamiflu blister pack

Scientists map out how drug-resistant flu virus spreads

New data suggests that even if very few people use an anti-flu medication such as Tamiflu, viruses can rapidly mutate to be resistant to treatment

14 September, 2011
Photo of fresh wasbi

Spice up your broccoli for a healthy bonus

Spicing up your broccoli with things like wasabi, mustard and horseradish can significantly boost its cancer-fighting properties

13 September, 2011
Photo of city neighbourhood

Trusting your neighbours means better health

Time for a street party? A new US study says trusting your neighbours leads to health improvements

8 September, 2011
Photo of washing machine

Scented laundry products emit hazardous chemicals

Liquid laundry detergents and dryer sheets emit a frightening variety of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, say US researchers

1 September, 2011
Photo of Passiflora incarnaa

Passion flower may improve sleep quality

A new study shows that a cup of passion flower tea before bedtime can boost sleep quality

1 September, 2011
Photo of ripe elderberries

Black elderberry juice has anti-infection effect

Extracts of black elderberry can help fight the viruses and bacteria that cause upper respiratory tract infections, say scientists

1 September, 2011