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April 2012

Close up photo of Fruit Loops

Dietary changes can benefit children with ADHD

Removing allergens, colours and preservatives and from a child’s diet may improve ADHD, according to new evidence

26 April, 2012
Photo of a breast self exam

Cadmium linked to aggressive breast cancer growth

Chronic exposure to the heavy metal cadmium, found in food, water, cigarette smoke and cosmetics, causes breast cancer to spread

24 April, 2012
Photo of a woman's hands holdilng a hot water bottle to her abdomen

Vitamin D relieves painful periods

For menstrual cramps, the ‘sunshine vitamin’ may be a practical and economical alternative to pain killers and hormones

24 April, 2012
Photo of a man jumping for joy at eth seaside

We do like to be beside the seaside – and for good reason

Exercising in the fresh air is always good but, say researchers, being near the ocean is a particularly beneficial and positive experience

24 April, 2012
Photo of a gravestone

Thinking about death can help us live a better life

Awareness of death can make us more inclined to value and enjoy life, say psychologists

24 April, 2012
Photo of an avocado

Avocado oil effective against free radical damage, say scientists

New evidence shows that avocado oil is ‘the olive oil of the Americas’ with many of the same potential health benefits

23 April, 2012
Photo of liqouricei root

Liquorice root contains anti-diabetic properties

New research uncovers a promising anti-diabetic substance in 2012’s ‘medicinal plant of the year’ – liquorice root.

23 April, 2012
Photo of tree nuts

Nut eaters have lower risk of metabolic syndrome, heart disease

More evidence that almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans and more are an essential part of a healthy diet

20 April, 2012
Photo of a cup of green tea

Green tea keeps you sprightly as you get older

Consuming at least five cups of green tea per day may reduce the risk of aged-related functional disabilities like osteoporosis and stroke

19 April, 2012
Photo of mixed raisins

Raisins can help lower blood pressure

Regularly snacking on raisins has been show to lower blood pressure by 5-7%; the secret say scientists is raisins’ high potassium levels

18 April, 2012