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March 2013

Photo of a bee on a blue flower

Common pesticides damage bees’ brains, make them confused and forgetful

Two new studies show that exposure to common pesticides, neonics and organophosphates, makes bees forget what flowers smell like

29 March, 2013
Photo of a pine tree

Natural remedies show real benefit in metabolic syndrome

New studies show both green tea and pine bark extract can help boost health and reduce the risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome

28 March, 2013
Photo of a woman's eye

Supplementing with lutein can improve night vision

Daily supplementation with lutein supports eye health and can significantly improve night vision, according to data from a recent study

28 March, 2013

Could a rebate programme support healthy eating?

Financial incentives to encourage healthy shopping choices can produce good results, but a sustained effort is needed

26 March, 2013

Sugary drinks raise global death rates

Researchers warn that doctors and public health officials must take the health impact of sodas and other sugary drinks more seriously

25 March, 2013
Photo of a small bowl of vitamin E capsules

A new view on the cancer fighting potential of vitamin E

Choose vitamin E rich foods or supplements of mixed tocopherols to get the most protection say researchers

21 March, 2013
Photo of an olive oil bottle

Scientists tap into the ‘aromatherapeutic’ potential of olive oil

New evidence suggests the chemicals that produce the unique aroma of olive oil help us feel fuller and more satisfied with our food

21 March, 2013
Photo of two hands

Helping others shields us from stress, prolongs life

Lend a helping hand; new research shows doing good for others is also good for your health

19 March, 2013
Photo of a man watching TV

As TV time goes up, sperm count goes down

Here’s one to watch: too much time sitting in front of the TV can adversely affect sperm counts, researchers have found

18 March, 2013
Photo of sugar pouring over a spoon

Calorie consumption is down, but our weight keeps going up

Experts say that too much refined sugar may be the reason that our weight continues to rise, even as calorie consumption goes down

14 March, 2013