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January 2013

Photo of a lonely woman

Loneliness takes its toll on the immune system

Loneliness can cause immune system dysfunction and trigger inflammation that can lead to chronic disease and premature ageing

29 January, 2013
Photo of carrots and carrot juice

Beta carotene could protect those at risk of type-2 diabetes

In people with a genetic predisposition to diabetes, higher intake of beta carotene could be protective

29 January, 2013
Photo of a man meditating on the grass

Chill out – prostate cancer cells thrive on stress

Prostate cancer cells grow faster and cancer therapy is less effective in the presence of stress hormones, say US scientists

28 January, 2013
Photo illustrating swine flu

Swine flu vaccine damage – “no one wants to be the next Wakefield”

Concerns are growing over links between the Swine flu vaccine and emerging cases of the otherwise rare disease narcolepsy

24 January, 2013
Photo of sperm penetrating an ovum

Fatty foods can damage men’s fertility

Too much saturated fat can reduce a man’s sperm count by nearly 40% say Danish researchers

24 January, 2013

EU delays approval of genetically modified crops until 2014 – sort of

The EU has called ‘time out’ on GM crop approval while it tries to convince anti-GM member states to fall in line

23 January, 2013
Photo of a woman using an asthma inhaler

Cleaning products raise the risk of adult asthma

Chemicals and other substances used in many jobs can lead to a higher risk of adult onset asthma

22 January, 2013
Close up photo of Japanese honeysuckle

Traditional herbals show promise as flu remedies

Studies show Chinese and Indian medicine have many beneficial, but underutilised, plants to help fight the flu

22 January, 2013
Photo of a GM and non-GM salmon

Genetically modified salmon – take action now!

Now’s the time to speak out against GM salmon; tell the FDA what you think, and sign the Avaaz petition

21 January, 2013
Photo of Vitamin B supplements spilling out of a bottle

B vitamins help lower colorectal cancer risk

Foods high in vitamins B2 and B6 may have a role to play in protecting against bowel cancer, according to a new study

17 January, 2013